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Euro Membrane
club memebership

After you join Euro Membrane club, our first step is to ensure that you are equipped and able to take every step needed to start using the technology your client, students, partners are probably already using. No doubt you’ll wonder what you ever did without this technology resource, and that is just the beginning. If you lack the confidence to try a new technology, you should not feel insecure or anxious about anything technical.

If you want to help your students become more engaged, and learn through meaningful projects, or if you’re just afraid to integrate technology into your classroom – this will be the most important club you ever need.

How we do it
If you think you are behind the times, you have limited technology skills or others know more about technology than you do – this is a must club for you.

We’re going to show you how to develop your classroom technology skills with a self-directed learning program and provide you with an excellent alternative to a traditional conference. You don’t have to be expert to use technology.

And you don’t have to spend extra time learning about concepts you already know. What most teachers don’t realize is that teaching with technology is simple – you just need a little help getting started in the right direction.

Maybe you’ve had trouble using a technology in your classroom before and are getting frustrated with all the new technology available every day.

No matter what your situation is, we’re confident the Euro Membrane club will help you and your students start improving their technology skills so your class will never be disadvantaged again.

Let’s clear up some common myths that are holding back many from incorporating latest technologies

MYTH #1: You have to spend hours of extra time you don’t have studying all new technology… NOT TRUE. With prescriptive learning you won’t waste time with concepts you already know. And we’ll prove it to you in a moment…

MYTH #2: You have to know computer technology inside and out to integrate technology into your classroom… NOT TRUE. You don’t have to know everything. Inside you’ll discover that you can focus on just the lessons you need right now to get the job done…

MYTH #3: You need a bunch of money in the training budget to learn the “good” stuff… NOT TRUE. We specifically designed the EdTech UNconference to include tons of high quality information and support at a fraction of the normal cost…

Our Founders

Krystal Schuppe

Krystal Schuppe is a wife and mother to two wonderful children. She is the founder of the tech blog, as well as the co-founder of the Morissette and Sons Media. She has presented at conference such as Runolfsdottir Australia, Connelly Summit and Pagac Conference on topics ranging from technology and IT to art and health.

Krystal has also appeared in numerous segments on ABC Live and has been published in Times Magazines. As you will soon come to find out, two of Krystal’s favourite hobbies are talking and smiling.

Isidro Wintheiser
Marketing Manager

Isidro Wintheiser is the founder of Treutel-Feil, a family blog where he, his wife Sunny Kuvalis and daughter Georgette write about anything and everything family. A tech forward, animal loving, child at heart kind of man that will go to lengths to make you smile. His passion without discount is blogging where he works to create some personal and brand oriented engagement that will have you returning again and again.

He and his family are committed to helping in whatever way they can to bring focus to any current projects with a touch of a family lifestyle and maybe a bit of humor on the side.

Our Team


Dasia Hahn

Project Manager

Makayla Marquardt

Design - Head

Taryn Goldner


Jim Gordon

Brand Marketing

Bella pearson


Lavina Bergnaum